Dreaming of a White Christmas

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Oh, I love a minimal card as you’ll see by these ten designs by me and some of my favorite designers below. I figure you chose your favorite photo (or paid good money and spent time getting someone to take the photo) and why not let the image be the star. No need to complete with a bunch of florals or colors or artwork.

Click on any of the photos for more info. Or check out my shop to see my minimal works and more.

Thanks for stopping by and also Happy Holiday Photo Card Shopping! ;) ck


Mod Christmas by Christie Kelly for Minted.

A Simple Season by Christie Kelly for Zazzle.


Simply Merry by Erin Wilson for Minted.

Classic by Christie Kelly for Zazzle.


Spot of Joy by Christie Kelly for Minted.

Merry All Year by Pink House Press for Minted.


Simply Red by Dozi for Minted

The Edit by Design Lotus for Minted.


A Christmas Tale by Christie Kelly for Minted.

Holiday Tag by Baumbirdy for Minted


This post contains affiliate links. They keep the lights on for us, but do not cost a thing for you. For more info, click here.

Yes, social media and email are all the rage, but nothing really does the job of an actual card.

This is a special post for those Office Managers, HR Peeps, and everyone charged with finding your company’s holiday card this year. As someone who has designed a card for business, it can be tricky to craft holiday greetings that are 1. inclusive, 2. not overly sappy or girly (unless that’s your gig) and 3. most importantly, not booooorrrrrrring, which is the worst offense.

As much as I love to design, I love an opportunity to curate great art from the artists I admire most. I’ve chosen 15 beauties for you to take a look at, but if you don’t see what you like here, Minted has hundreds and hundreds of great cards for you to get lost in. And it’s “for work” so take your time and have fun.

Happy Holiday Shopping! ;) ck


First up is three for Peace…

Seasons of Peace by Shannon

Seasons of Peace by Shannon

Emeralds by Lori Wemple

Emeralds by Lori Wemple

Floral Peace by Baumbirdy

Floral Peace by Baumbirdy

Next up, we’ve got three for Joy…

Elegant Berries by Carolyn MacLaren

Elegant Berries by Carolyn MacLaren

Big Celebration by iamtanya

Big Celebration by iamtanya

Serene Joy by Jennifer Postorino

Serene Joy by Jennifer Postorino

For the next few, I picked some foil options. Foil might be one of the greatest additions to printing. I’ve of the mindset that every thing in life could use a bit of sparkle…

Merry Dots by Kristie Kern

Merry Dots by Kristie Kern

Sparkling Cheers by fatfatin

Sparkling Cheers by fatfatin

Some wonderfully illustrated beauties…

Cheers to the Holidays by Faiths Designs

Cheers to the Holidays by Faiths Designs

Season’s Best by Shannon

Season’s Best by Shannon

Keeping with the illustrations, but adding in an extra unique feature, the cards actually double as ornaments…

Cheer Stamp Holiday Ornament Card by GeekInk Design

Cheer Stamp Holiday Ornament Card by GeekInk Design

Festive Peace Holiday Ornament Card by Peetie Design

Festive Peace Holiday Ornament Card by Peetie Design

Here are a couple of very unique reindeer-inspired lovelies…

Reindeer Festival by Smudge Design

Reindeer Festival by Smudge Design

Reindeer Love by Cass Loh

Reindeer Love by Cass Loh

And rounding out our fifteen finalists is a minimalist card that is upscale, but still a bit whimsical with a message for everyone.

All the Things by AK Graphics

All the Things by AK Graphics

May your holidays be very merry! ;) ck


Below is an Instagram post that is part of a working education for me. For this one post I must have googled a hundred things ("how do I post a GIF to Instagram," "how do I add paragraph spaces in Instagram," "what is Instagram").

Learning new skills in the fast-paced world of social media is tough. You have to keep up with ever-changing rules and functions. Pinterest alters their algorithms so much that I'm afraid to actually take a six-week course for fear that the material will be useless by the time I graduate.

That said, social media does seem to be effective in creating and communicating a brand. I do like to make pretty things and I would like other people to potentially see and purchase said things so I'm soldiering on in the treacherous and tricky digital landscape.

It seems to work better than my other idea of just wearing shirts that say "BUY MY STUFF." ;) ck



Mom Mom Mommy Mom

I am awesomely blessed with two firecrackers that are currently 4 and 1. They keep me grounded, keep me humble, keep me laughing and keep me so very busy (and tired). Mother's Day last year was one of the best days of my life because my husband, upon waking, took these two balls of fire downstairs, shut the door and gave me the gift of sleep.

Now someday, my daughter will sleep through the night like my son does now. And, they will be able to toast a waffle and even drive automobiles. When those days come that might be the perfect time for a fancy brunch. And these invites to go with. 

Until then, I will take a glorious extra 2.5 hours in my bed and anything (Egg McMuffin?) I don't have to cook for breakfast. 

Be good to your Mother. It's harder than it looks! ;) CK


Every year's beginning needs a big spllash of hope, and what could be more hopeful than a proposal and an engagement! I've always loved the notion of a Save the Date card because it delivers great news and, more importantly, buys you time to pick the perfect invitation and suite for your big day. Click here to see the postcards below and more at Zazzle.com.

Hope 2017 has been great so far and wishing you all continued happiness and health in the new year! ~ck




Wow, it's been a crazy year! A baby, a move, the election... I want to spend 2017 napping!

I did manage to get some Christmas cards in the mail before we took off for Florida to see my in-laws. This all happened within weeks of us selling our house, packing up all our belongings and driving them to a rental 8 hours away. Am I fishing for extra points? Yes.

If you did not get to Christmas cards this year, not to worry. Here's a few New Year's cards to get you started. The date is so much more forgiving than Christmas (I'd say any time in January is good). *Also* you get to add a little sparkle to your friends' and families' possibly bleak winter days. 

Hope all of you have a safe and happy holiday and happiest of new years! ~ck

(clockwise from top left: *New Year's Fireworks* by Christie Kelly Designs for Zazzle; *Year-Round Happiness* by Ann Gardner* for Minted.com; *Confetti Pop* by Jennifer Postorino for Minted.com; *Classic New Year Script* by Playground Prints for Minted.com)



Merry Cubsmas!

Oh, so much is happening with the world and our little part of it. While the election has some happy, some sad and some indifferent (oh those nonvoters), time is marching on and that includes getting ready for the holiday season.

Let's not let the craziest election ever overshadow the still fresh and wonderful win of those Cubs from Chicago. Game 7 of the World Series was the most exciting game I've ever watched, and with the hubby in Houston, I even watched it alone (just me and my big glass of Malbec).

I had the best time designing these additional cards for Cubbie fans to share their joy with. I hope Chicago peeps all over the world will use them for sending and showcasing their own fan pics. Click here for link.

#merrycubsmas ~ck  

We're Movin' on Up (well South...)

After an amazing trio of years in Tulsa we are headed to my home state of Texas. I'm sad to leave such a beautiful town and house, but excited for a new adventure. They say moving is one of the most stressful of life's situations, and some aspects are... packing up all your worldly possessions, selling a house, buying a house... last time we moved we were literally eating frozen dinners off boxes.

But then there are the benefits... cleaning out closets, getting organized, decorating new digs and, of course, picking out announcements. As much as I'd love to use my "City Addition" card from Minted.com, the hubby and I don't have 5 cities together yet... we're only on our third (although I'd put New York City in because we met there). "We're Moving!" is featured in my new Zazzle store, which I'm super excited about and will be posting more about as it grows.

Here's to beginning again. Again. :)



Springtime Love

Even though I am currently snuggled in the middle of the country, I still do a lot of designing in a New York state o' mind. I was thinking about past springs in Soho when it was a little less crowded and the shops were full of bright prints and patterns. Every time I see a feature on someone with a loft in SoHo (which is not often) I am simultaneously jealous and inspired.

One such place is actress Judy Kuhn's loft. It's the quintessential Manhattan apartment. See article here. Find my entire SoHo Lane line (I'm so fancy) in my etsy shop. I hope you savor this last little bit of Spring!

Going to the Chapel

Well, I'm not. I've already done that. But, I am over the moon that I have a wedding invitation and suite for sale on Minted.com. It was a lot of work developing the different pieces, but a lot of fun and I'm actually really happy with the result. I hope any brides that choose it feel the same way.

I think the launch of the invites, in addition to the actual blooms in our backyard, are making me very excited that Spring is almost here. Looking forward to the trees being full, the sun being up longer and more play time outside.

Not sure if Spring will bring more sleep, but a girl can dream. :) CK


So the most recent Minted.com challenge partnered with Pottery Barn Kids and Teen to create art to sell in their stores. They hit over 7,000 submissions and are only selecting 50 winners so the odds are not in most artist's favor.

Yet I can't resist the challenge. Not only the slim odds, but also because I really wanted to focus on what I would want for my own kids, and something I'd be proud to sell whether through PB or on my own. I strived to communicate to both my kids how much they mean to me and how excited I am to be their guide on this journey that is Life.

As far as the sentiments, I did not want to use anything familiar or that may have copyright issues so I dusted off my writing skills as well. It took many passes, but I'm happy with the results.

Please vote if you are eligible (and want to)! I'll keep you posted on the results.

Love Languages

I made these little Valentine’s cards to highlight the holiday around the world and found the research to be so interesting. While European countries have similar celebrations to the states, Israel has it’s own holiday called Tu B’Av, celebrated as a holiday of love and China has The Qixi Festival which celebrates the annual meeting of the cowherd and weaver girl in Chinese mythology.

I really wanted to include Greek as well, but it reads, “Ευτυχισμένη μέρα του Αγίου Βαλεντίνου” which really was a little too large for a card that’s a quarter page.

Have a lovely day, or as they say in Paris, “Passez une bonne journée.” ;) CK

I heart you

The countdown to Valentine's has begun! Even if you are not a fan of the holiday, I love how once February hits, the dreary gray of January is replaced with reds and pinks and chocolate. That alone makes it a great bridge to spring.

I pulled a little sheet from my Soho Love papers and made it customizable. I don't think I'll ever grow tired of custom monograms and initials. There are so many possibilities I'm sure I'll be adding more shortly.



It was interesting to design for Minted's Baby Announcement challenge knowing that I'll need some soon. I so wanted to use the name we've chosen, but since it's under lock and key I had to settle for all the names on the reject list. 

I do know from my perspective, you sweat so much about choosing the perfect name that you really want it to be showcased, not to mention, you host this little one for 9 months and you want that mug to be prominent.

We'll see if the voting public agrees. I made sure to pick photos with babies almost as cute as mine is going to be... almost.

Love is in the Air

I feel super behind schedule for Valentine's (and while we're at it St. Pat's and Easter too), but I'm really happy with the way the first set of papers turned out. I'm hoping to add many more before the 14th but those little Design Elves I keep wishing so much for have not showed yet. I'm probably not leaving the right treats out.

Sending love to all... literally and digitally. xo

Next Stop, Building Awesome

Minted had a contest this month in search for designs for Graduation Gifts. While a lot of artists did great designs using photos of the graduate, I wanted to do something you could put on a dorm wall that was stylish and inspirational.

Building Awesome was inspired by a quote I had in a frame for years in my 20s (and a current love for gold and blush pink). Next Stop was inspired by the Prada Marfa sign paired with the anticipation one feels when leaving the nest for your first big adventure. 

New Year. New Site.

I wanted a space to do what I'm calling a "pseudo-blog." I know with a new baby, a growing toddler and a new business that I won't be blogging on a regular basis. I honestly don't know how anyone does! They must be those crazy people that don't need sleep. My eyes are half open right now. 

I'll kick off this post with what I've been working on for my Etsy shop. I love patterns and paper and to be able to sell them digitally is terribly exciting. I was inspired by Paris and Chanel and the Jazz Age, which is an easy thing to get inspired by. 

Hope 2016 is treating you well. Stop back soon (but not too soon, 'cause like I said, I gotta sleep at some point).