Let’s see, things that I love… anything that keeps kids entertained (without a cord). Things that are cheap, I mean, inexpensive. Being creative is always a bonus too. See this fun idea I found on PInterest that’s great for rainy days, vacations, getting stuck in an airport… the situations for this kind of fun are endless.


The great thing about these, besides how easy and inexpensive they are, is that everyone can really do their own thing. You could do princesses or Christmas or Star Wars or Game of Thrones… everybody gets to express themselves. The plate is your blank canvas. We also dug into the sticker pile to make the “tips.”


Happy Crafting!. ;) ck

Oh The Places We Go!

Hello, I'm Christie Kelly. It's been 314 days since my last post. This is capitial "K" Kah-razy because there has been must to post about. Although the main topic would be moving. We managed to move 4 times in one calendar year. 

We began our journey leaving our beloved Tulsa. My husband's company relocated to Houston and along we went. We rented a house in one part of the suburb of Cypress while the house we were having built took shape in Towne Lake.

In March of 2017 we moved into our new house and began unpacking, painting, decorating and making plans. While we spent the summer exploring splash pads and where to get the best cupcakes, something wasn't sitting right with me.

At the end of July, the New York Times featured the article, "What to Do When You've Picked the Wrong Suburb." Needless to say, the wheels in my head starting turning. When Hurricane Harvey hit a month later, our gym was flooded and we were able to use the location in The Woodlands, and that's when my love affair with a new place began.

Although it seemed nuts and we knew it would be exhausting, I wanted to get settled before my oldest was in kindergarten, which gave us some time. But, as Harry says at the end of "When Harry Met Sally:"

"When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."

So, we staged the house, put in on the market, sold it 3 weeks later, found our new house a week after that and on December 13th we moved for (hopefully) the last time for a long time.

I would encourage anyone looking to move to really think about how they will live there. Where will you spend your time? What will you eat and drink? What would you like to see out your window?

Now, I can exhale. As I look out my kitchen window and into the woods, I finally feel home. The greatest lesson was to listen to the inner voice and not let the difficulty of the goal get in the way of the awesome results it can bring.

And, also, sometimes the fourth time is the charm. ;) ck

Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 11.05.23 AM.png

Mom Mom Mommy Mom

I am awesomely blessed with two firecrackers that are currently 4 and 1. They keep me grounded, keep me humble, keep me laughing and keep me so very busy (and tired). Mother's Day last year was one of the best days of my life because my husband, upon waking, took these two balls of fire downstairs, shut the door and gave me the gift of sleep.

Now someday, my daughter will sleep through the night like my son does now. And, they will be able to toast a waffle and even drive automobiles. When those days come that might be the perfect time for a fancy brunch. And these invites to go with. 

Until then, I will take a glorious extra 2.5 hours in my bed and anything (Egg McMuffin?) I don't have to cook for breakfast. 

Be good to your Mother. It's harder than it looks! ;) CK

Merry Cubsmas!

Oh, so much is happening with the world and our little part of it. While the election has some happy, some sad and some indifferent (oh those nonvoters), time is marching on and that includes getting ready for the holiday season.

Let's not let the craziest election ever overshadow the still fresh and wonderful win of those Cubs from Chicago. Game 7 of the World Series was the most exciting game I've ever watched, and with the hubby in Houston, I even watched it alone (just me and my big glass of Malbec).

I had the best time designing these additional cards for Cubbie fans to share their joy with. I hope Chicago peeps all over the world will use them for sending and showcasing their own fan pics. Click here for link.

#merrycubsmas ~ck  

We're Movin' on Up (well South...)

After an amazing trio of years in Tulsa we are headed to my home state of Texas. I'm sad to leave such a beautiful town and house, but excited for a new adventure. They say moving is one of the most stressful of life's situations, and some aspects are... packing up all your worldly possessions, selling a house, buying a house... last time we moved we were literally eating frozen dinners off boxes.

But then there are the benefits... cleaning out closets, getting organized, decorating new digs and, of course, picking out announcements. As much as I'd love to use my "City Addition" card from Minted.com, the hubby and I don't have 5 cities together yet... we're only on our third (although I'd put New York City in because we met there). "We're Moving!" is featured in my new Zazzle store, which I'm super excited about and will be posting more about as it grows.

Here's to beginning again. Again. :)