Below is an Instagram post that is part of a working education for me. For this one post I must have googled a hundred things ("how do I post a GIF to Instagram," "how do I add paragraph spaces in Instagram," "what is Instagram").

Learning new skills in the fast-paced world of social media is tough. You have to keep up with ever-changing rules and functions. Pinterest alters their algorithms so much that I'm afraid to actually take a six-week course for fear that the material will be useless by the time I graduate.

That said, social media does seem to be effective in creating and communicating a brand. I do like to make pretty things and I would like other people to potentially see and purchase said things so I'm soldiering on in the treacherous and tricky digital landscape.

It seems to work better than my other idea of just wearing shirts that say "BUY MY STUFF." ;) ck