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Since I am a stationery designer (and card curator of sorts) I feel like I should know exactly what Christmas and Holiday cards cost, and yet I would not be able to tell someone in casual conversation what the average is. So, I figured I’d put a list together for me and anyone wanting to factor in price for their own orders.

For the LOW COST and the NON-FOIL MIDDLE options, I chose my own designs on Zazzle as examples. The first is “Merry Scriptmas” as a Postcard, which saves you money and also the time of envelopes as you put your address on the back and slap a stamp on it. “The Lovely Merry” is an illustrated photo card with a striped backer and comes with plain, white envelopes. BOTH options shown use a 60% OFF coupon code. That’s about as big as they come so your price may vary but ALWAYS USE A COUPON CODE and if you don’t have one email me and I’ll send you one if there is one to be had.


For the FOIL-PRESSED MIDDLE option I chose a sweet plaid and gold design from Shutterfly/Tiny Prints. The highlighted price for “Gilded Plaid Frame” also features a coupon code for 50% off. (Repeat ALWAYS USE A COUPON CODE three times fast in your head).

Lastly, pure luxury. The sky (and your wallet) is the limit and not only is the printing great quality, but this particular card was created by one of my favorite Minted designers, South African artist, Phrosné Ras. This example, “Leafy,” is so dreamy and includes all the bells and whistles including a patterned backer, lined envelopes with printing on the outside and your return address and graphics on the flap. You can also add custom stamps and recipient addressing.

Whatever your budget, you can have a great holiday card this year. Check out my blog and/or my shop for even more ideas and Merry Everything to you and yours! ;) ck