Mom Mom Mommy Mom

I am awesomely blessed with two firecrackers that are currently 4 and 1. They keep me grounded, keep me humble, keep me laughing and keep me so very busy (and tired). Mother's Day last year was one of the best days of my life because my husband, upon waking, took these two balls of fire downstairs, shut the door and gave me the gift of sleep.

Now someday, my daughter will sleep through the night like my son does now. And, they will be able to toast a waffle and even drive automobiles. When those days come that might be the perfect time for a fancy brunch. And these invites to go with. 

Until then, I will take a glorious extra 2.5 hours in my bed and anything (Egg McMuffin?) I don't have to cook for breakfast. 

Be good to your Mother. It's harder than it looks! ;) CK